Thursday, 2 May 2013

CS Can Games Change the World?

Can games change the world?

> Why?

> How much has TV changed the world? Or Mobile Phones? How much has the internet changed the world?

Can anything change the world anymore? Philosphy on ‘changing’ the world, the world being not just us rich people but also the very poor. Places like India, Africa- or places in turmoil; Korea, Iraq etc. Has any technological influence been had on them?

Are we just talking about electronic games we are used to and that we envisage when we say games. Or does that means games as in any games, from as basic as playing tag in a field or on a street with other kids.

What good can games do?



Socially? But-

What bad can they do?

Making people socially inept, facing screens and not people. I am a horrible example of this because my gf is online. People dying from addictions to games. People having severe problems. 
Does it cause violence?

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