Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Just dont make a noise

 Life Drawing. I rly liked the model we had.

More doodles and work.
We are currently learning Mudbox which is fun times. I will upload a screen shot of the jezuz I made on it later. I will be figuring out skulptrix later and will skulpt Daggets face because he is a pretty cool guy.

Here is a wip image of him Im working on
More on that later, I will be doing it all tone wise then adding colour ontop like I did with this image

Other drawings:

and heres a recent sketch commission for a friend on fA. Cropped because of reasons.
The Lord of Change, from WarHammer (Games Workshop) I really should do more of that stuff. Oh yeah.


Thursday, 26 January 2012

More Artings

I cant draw
Oh god what is this. I am not good with computers.
Leonidas, a pirate, not drawn from refs which is prolly why it looks weird. also. I cant draw hair. god. lol.

Killve the mighty steed. I like the top doodle, the colour idea is kinda nice, red would look good with silvers, brass and gold.
Well I assume.

Oh Dagget lololol
Harris, Virtue of Kindness in a horn/unicorn/god form thing. I duno. Older art but I posting now because I can and because bacon.

Im sitll saving up for an Xbox and a copy of skyrim arrrhh
*wiggles about*

Some photoshooping

Here are some fast Photoshop doodles with a wacom loaned from school.

These are my first ever tablet pictures.
I usually use a cintiq so it was weirddddd for me to draw without looking at the screem. The tablets as well feel clunky and it was very hard for me to get a soft or detailed look with my work. But its oki. Here yah go.

A dragon. Veyr skyrim looking one I think.

 Sad Killve
 A dinodragon made of lava. Because lava.
Elra, Sin of Gluttony as a unicorn thing (there is only one horn). He is running.
I like running. I like cats. I like every kind of cat.
  Dagget running somewhere.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Oki I will use this place

So ok, Live Journal was not the place for school work, this is tho. Go me
All homework and ideas and stuff will be placed here in a big sticky pile because I can and because yes.

I drew this at hospital. Coloured lazily in photoshooup. Im posting to see what blogger does with it.

In other news I have contextual studies home work here -->

Concept Artist.

Personally I would like to study in this field; it entitles the use of my imagination and innovation. A conceptual artists job varies widely across a different set of skills.  They can be asked to design and create a huge verity of things which can range from vehicles, monsters, clothing, environments and so forth. Conceptual Artists works tend to be of a fantasy or sci-fi nature and is kept mostly to Film, Games and Television. However Concept artists can also find work within the music industry for videos and can also be utilised within theatre and costume work.

Drawing and image based skills are a must and need to be finely homed to be able to get what the director, manager or commissioner wants. The drawings must also be fluid enough and easy to understand so that someone else taking on that design in 3d or animation will be able to utilise your work to its best potential.

Creativepool show on their webpage tell about what proposed salaries could be (from around £19,000 to £55,000 a year) but I feel the prospect of making 19k a year to be wishful thinking at best for someone coming fresh into the job.

Unless picked up by a company of studio, a solo Conceptual Artist works mostly by a picture by picture basis, working for smaller companies who pay for designs as they are created, not paying them for hours and certainly not providing them with a workspace or studio. This kind of work is mostly done via the internet through emails.

The conceptual artist title is incredibly competitive, with many people trying to get a name for themselves and hoping to secure a place working with a team of reputable people.

Jonathan Bach is a concept Artist who has worked a lot of jobs and was able to go from a car salesman to working on films like Iron Man 2 and Avatar 2.

Heres a awesome inspiring and motivation vid of an interview with him talking about his experience.

You can see him featured here http://conceptartworld.com/?p=6777 which also links to his personal blog which is filled with his concept work.

 I would very much like to get into this job and I really want to focus more on my artwork and drawings in the following years.

Games Tester.

Although I would like this sort of job, it is considered one of the most difficult to get into. Games testers do not spend all their time just sitting and playing the games and reviewing them (though of course that is a big part). They spend a lot of time looking for errors and bugs, going over every single action and effect repeatedly to be sure everything works accordingly. When an error is found it will be reported back to the developers who will then see to the problem, once this is done the revision will be brought back to the Games tester for Verification. This part entitles then checking the problem has been completely fixed and the game is then ready for publication and sale.

The requirements for this job are not just an interest in games and being skilled at them, but a high level of computer experience and analysis.

People working in this industry have a very varied salary, most instances it is paid by hour with some companies offering bonus’s for the amount of bugs found and addressed.

I really doubt I would be able to get into this sort of job as I lack the computer skills neccesary.

ok thats about it.
Oh wait
heres some more artnings:
Heres some things thinking about running.

Picture of Darkie, I hope to do more of this some time.

Some random doodles, bird thing. I want to skulpt some 3d bird sometime.

Just getting things ready for Darkies reference later. Facial studies, and body and oh so much rubbish i dont even.

Ok more later.