Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fullox Info, New Creation

The Fullox

Fulloxes are spiritually powered Fox Spirit beings living on the world Yenvi.
Other breeds living on Yenvi are the the Viron (Wolf Demon Dinosaurs creatures), Fonunies (Rabbit Foxes) and a few more to be released later.
The only way to own a Fullox is to adopt one from me.

There are three different age levels of Fulloxes; Puppy, Adult and Eldar. Only when a Fullox is an Eldar can it breed. 



Fulloxes are phantom like creatures, they occupy a space in the visual spectrum at all times but can distribute their physical bodies at will making them like a hologram. This is an extremely powerful and useful defence mechanism, as when attacked they can revert to this and leave their predator unable to touch and therefore harm their bodies.
However, it is done by will and as such when sleeping they are vulnerable to attack.

As Fulloxes grow older they stop using their physical body pretty much entirely, and begin to float about. As such their legs and horns begin to grow longer (especially the back legs). Eldars usually cannot physically walk on all fours any more.

Their front legs have paws, able to manipulate items and feel better with paw pads. Their back legs are hooved, the cloven hoof toes slowly growing darker and firmer as they age (until they somewhat resemble a Earth deers foot)
They are adorned with a mask like head, this is actually made from a sort of keratin which grows out from their skulls. As the Fullox ages, the keratin continues to grow and will take the shape of antlers, horns, spikes etc. One can usually tell how old a Fullox is by how big or how many protrusions it has coming from its mask. Another sign of old age is long limbs.

Fulloxes have puffy tails, these are an indicator of health. The brighter the colour of the tail hairs, the better the Fulloxes condition. If a tail is dull in comparison to the body colours, or if the tail is strandy or ‘wet looking’ it could mean the Fullox is under a lot of stress, has been injured recently or could be sick. 

On their heads they sport as well a pair of long floppy ‘ears’ which are called Adles. These do not pick up sounds but are used in mating dance. Each Fulloxes Adles have an identifying symbol on it. This is like a human finger print and is always different for each Fullox.

The longer the Adle the more attractive they are to their mates. The brightness of their symbol shows how sexually mature they are as well- a very bright glow indicates readiness for mating and the ability to have pups.
When having pups, their needs to be two Eldar individuals involved, however as Fulloxes are hermaphrodite (means they are both male and female and can breed with whomever) they can mate with any other individual (as long as they too are an Eldar).

When an Eldar has it pups it cannot have anymore. Every Elder can only ever have two pups.

Thanks for reading!