Monday, 19 March 2012

Going to go with Wall-e/Portaly design

I decided to do the futuristic type lab doors and a large screen by window.

I went over the film and took a whole bunch of screen shots from it that illustrate the design and robotic flow of all the things. That's pretty good.
Here we go:
Closed door on the scout ship, this door is not for human use, but machine only (as we see later). This door also has to survive deep space and act as a solid airlock.
Door opening, gases from inside escaping out to Earths atmosphere cause hissing noises.

Scout ship landed on the Earth, note the way the engine bases extend out to become a landing base- this is for terrain only, when docked properly the ship lies parallel.

The robotic arm extends out, note the nice design work on the machine itself which is mirrored in Robot Auto's design later.

The large panel doors are held up, they hold robotic arms, one a tri grab hand and the other to input data into control panels.

The flat pack door on the left door (with Tri) slides open, very cool door design. c:

The arm then extends and unfolds from it.

Places the EVE probe down on the ground, note the designs on the sides- especially the vent.

The second arm from the right door inputs Data. Note the way EVE is written on the side- something to tally over to my own design later.

The design down the side of the EVE pod. Very cool. Vents as well on the sides, and of course the awesome slide doors closing up again.

Note the exposed wiring here, not everything is hidden under grey and white metal.

The ships design is very neat and tidy. :3

Those designs seen on the the outside of the EVE pod are shown on her side here. Cool stuff.

Power in the gun surges like veins. So cool, I should do more with this.

Look at that surge and pulse. Look.

Another arm, a two joint one, used again later.

LOOK AT THE WALLS. Very important, and also the slight wear of the machine components.

Lazy button slapping, but is important to look at the designs. Red, the key blue and yellow.

Exiting Earths orbit. Satellites are like fleas up in this beetch.

Always like the satellite here.

Pretty stuff, the blue colours again and also PURPLE.

Approach to the Axiom, huge cruise starliner. The size of the scout ship is comparable to a house and it is only a spec in comparison. The axiom has a passenger capacity of 600,000 and is like...way big bro.

Oh here it goes, again the bright yellow light and PURPLE. with red.

ARV doors opening. ARRRRRRRRRV

Escape pods, lots of them. BARK YOU.
Docking arms, they hold the scout ship in the correct position when in the ship. The blue light suggests the same sort of forcefield hold as used in the film later (GO-4 holding eve, the ties on her and the Pen doors in the Repair ward)
The gorgeous scout ship with EVE on board. Note the top thruster not in use when leaving Earth orbit (past the moon). I beleive its the hyperspace engine 8O But I cant be sure.
The Arv (Axiom Recovery Vehicle Bay) doors closed.
The Arv doors opening. Note the lovely way the A intersects the opening.
Dat ship.

Big BnL logo. Also the cool lights. Everything in this room has to survive sphess.
I really love this so much. 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Piratey things maybeh

So I am considering a pirate setting for this new project, that would be very cool. And I love the style of the game Sid Meier Pirates, even tho it was 'chunky' coz of the graphics and all back then (2006).
Me and Kari play this game but basically spent all the time running around looking to seduce the sauciest lady. In the game you can sword fight, sail all the seas, go see azteks, fight big war battles and of course collect treasure. But me and Kari? NOPE. GO DANCE WITH LADIES and be all flirty and what not.
Oh yeah. She loves my sexy hat
Sexy sexy hat
Heres more some other bad screenshots
Pirate with the Beard is all 'CANT BREAK MAH STRIDE' well yes I will
I know chopnese!
Im a pirate. I dont gotta explain sheet.
And now here is LODS of photos of piratey things I got from books, magazines and catalogs.
I know now I will not be doing this for my design project but I might as well put all the images up now because I went to the effort of getting them all, I shall use them later in some other project 8D

Tables are cool.


Cool mirrors. As we have a lot of wall space mirrors are important, and Leonidas needs to make sure he is always bootiful at all times. I like the top left, right and the middle left.

The colours are important, remeber the Red and Blue main bases. There is also a huge lack of green (except in Naomi's design and clothes as seen here --> )
Oh yeah. Saucy.

That wall is srs bsns. And I like the sofa. Comfy.

Table and layout, pictures in six- of animals, birds and bugs.

Love that chest, the colour and design, also the other things on the table. Dont like wall paper, not fitting.

More mirrors so Leonidas can look at himself.

THAT TABLE. hnnggg Love the colour and we can make the design cool with wolves and unicorns (our main animal theme for the ship C: )

This is cool, also bowl of apples- red. Important things to add.

BATH. and that chair. I love it. Use animal furs in alot of places- with odd markings which shows how many places Leonidas has been and where he has explored.

Layout and candle holders, also MIRRORS.

Omg dat bed.

Layout, baths, pictures with candles beside with smaller on around. Very cool.

Books. Lods of books with maps and logs of journey and also other awesome info (like how to NOSHHHHH)

We should have some busts around the ship as well coz those are cool, and would be some thing valuble to swipe. Also books and laybout. Chairs.

Layout. Think about more rugs. The ships floors are either boring wood or a rug. Im gona say use rugs a lot.

That is one cool wood fixture. Those guys are so swag.

Layouts, bed, stuff. Also note the animal motives in middle picture.

Awesome layouting. Ew wallpaper tho.

More awesome layouts, so royal and pretty, however this is SO not the colours we are working with.

Layout, ceilings should be cool. Fancy stuff in the fancy area.

Wooden dragon. Some of these about, so cool. Also layouts.

Fire place. There are only like three on the whole ship. :c
Bowls. Really like this.
ITS A BOAT. Ship. thing. I broke blogger with this post c:
This is cool beans
Room Layout and windows are cool.
That chair is cool beans. Mmmm they both are.
BEEEEEEEEEEDDD. Love the shape on this, looks le comfy.
Insect specimins in boxies and frames yes plz. And candle thingy yes too.
All the candles.
MORE CANDLES and bowl. *point* bowl.
candle and generally this is a nice light source. Cabinets, see the boat. I do.
Layout, windows, boats. Yeeeees
I do like those windows Ok. Those curtains. Yeah. Yeah. Also candle holder is swag.
Did you know about dem curtains. And other things here.
I like baths ok.
Its that cool bed shape again, Yeah lets go to beds.
NO BATHS. And awhh this is prooty.
NO BEDS. and wow thats pretty.
Curtains over the bed? I duno. Look at that rug. Omg look at that. what is that
More bed and CHEST OF DRAWS for hairbrushes and other girly-UH..MANLY. SO MANLY manly things.
Bed. Bed bed bed. thing at end of bed too I liek.
I LOVE THESE THINGS ON THE BED. NNRRGGHHH. and wow thas so inviting. Oh my.
I like that set up for other ppl on the ship. Yeahhh something more simple and compact but still NICE looking.
Awh hell nawh that looks comfy. We need one of those.
I SEE YOU BED. and nice bath and other things. blue colour schemes. We need to balence the blue and red out dont we. How about Leons room red, and the other big room blue? Sounds good.
Chairs time. Also lets put pretty candles on everything. Also that dark browny red colour looks niceeeeee. But disrgaurd wickering. Ew. Make it out of wood. Dont we. . .
Lovely chair, those are lovellyy also note the boxes and stuff.
Layout and candles, bowl, colour uses. Blue rugs, find some animal with blue fur.
Layout. Books are cool ok.Small tables are important too- for games coz people need stuff to do in the afternoon for fun. That is when they arnt called to brush Leons amazing hair. Srsly his hair. it needs like 50 ppl to look after it.
Ok quick with fireplaces, we have one in Leons room, one in the other big room and then a huge one for other ppl. There is also a practicle one (not rly a fireplace so to speak) in the kitchen. Also think about chandalerz for the large hall room that you go through (with the life size unicorn and wolf figures at the top of the stairs)
Fire place, room layout. Stuff.
Fire Places I said.
Fire place and designs. Room layout. Awesome gold stuff.
Room layout.
Room layouts.
Room layouts, books. The light over head, the fixtures. Also plants on bourd? maybe? >_> OMG THEY SHOULD HAVE STRAWBERRIES AND STUFF GROWING. GET OUT OF MY WAY.
Layouts, dont look at that pair of ugly chairs ew. And also busts. Yep.
All sorts of layouts and things to look at here C:
Layouts and colours. When i say layouts just see how things are arranged and other items placed within the scene to make it seem more pretty and nicely done.
All sorts of layouts, wood table too, lets see some tables yeah. Also chairs!!!
COOL table.We need more function in tables. Yes. Also pictures.
That is an amaxing table (for the hall maybe?) also stuff. Yay.
Bootiful chest table thing with all sorts of lovely going on in this picture. Hnnggg.
Table, chest. Cool things.
TABLES EVERYWHERE. lets pick some nice ones.
Cook table for kitchen, LETS SMEAR IT WITH BLOOD. Yeaap coz you gotta kill animals for meat as I was led to beleives.
Kitchen wear while we are in there. Nice things. Simple stuff for the other ppls. Leons own stuff should have unicron/wolf patterns on them and stuff.
I just like looking at this.
Some nice kitchen wear here and other things of awesome shiney goodness. REDDDDDDDD
Bowls, but jesus. look at that owl thing. What...what...It looks so creepy and ...YES. YES IT LOOKS LIKE THE YOUR WELCOME DOG --> hahahhaaa
Other smaller things.
More things.
Lights. and other stuffs. again
Oh saucy candles on the bath shhhhhhnngg
Cutlery again?
Its a ship. Sheep.
Stuff thats helpfull, actually in a ship. >>
More stuff inside an older ship. Small but cute.
STUFF TO PUT IN PLACES also cannons are important wut
Oh this stuff is cool.
dat ship ass.
le intersting.
More of these things we will need.
Pretty neat stuff here. Btw I can scan any of these images if you want a better look- tho tbh you shouldnt need to look at hard as all the stuff we do is gona be just INSPIRED by it and not a perfect copy in any way. This is fantasy. We do what we like woo
Dat ship ass again. and stuff
More stuff on the sheep.
Oh look at this stuff.
books, sofas and layouts.
Layouts and things.
tabllleee colours.
Layout, drawing room. Need a work space no doubt for some ppl.
stuff, thats a nice cubourd.
CHAIIIRSSSSSSSS and other things.
Doors. Wow look at them
door handles btw.
walls as well are important.
FLOORING when not covered in rugs.
I dont know what to say
Stuff and I spy a bed.
things. Look at them
sofas and chairs.
This isnt needed. its a chair. HELLO MR CHAIR. hello pewdie.
cool stool. and things.
chairs. table heyyyyy wait one cotten picking min THAT THE SAME SEXY SOFA FROM BEFORE. YOU.
i like this a lot.
horsie can be made into unicorny.
Oh my
Boxes like these are neato to put ppls things into.

I need to paint some fancy pictures like this to put on the walls. Also the wood pattern down on the bottom left.
this box sure is nice. SO NICE.
Bowls and storage stuff
Rugs and patters, BLUE remeber. BLUE. it cant be all blood red like I seem to want.
Mirror, lots of stuff on the wall. ANTLERS and horns on the walls too. Yes.
Cool thing here.
Remeber, no light shades, only stuff that works with candles. So latern things. Yep.
Bowls. All sorts of pots and stuff here.
Look at these happy people. look. Hes so happy. Also look at the theme of stuff here. Its snazzy. Whatever im done now.

Oh god why could I be clever with blogger.