Monday, 25 February 2013


For this project I really want to work some more in 3D. Not with Mudbox or sculptris or anything, but with Zbrush which is what all my colleges are using at the company I wish to enlist with. 

As for the actual subject matter, I think a Bust of one of my creatures head would be neat. I decided on using LS0036 Seeing as I know her head very well in my mind for 2D illustrations, it wold be great to have a goat rendering her in a new dimension.

Some pile ups of pictures;

Her proper name is LS0036. Or otherwise known as Killveous or Killbee. She is a bird dragon creature from space. She has been present in my artwork since 2008 and has grown and adapted in many ways. Here is some of the stuff of her and her evolution over time in terms of head shape, feathers, horns and her general look that I finally decided on.

LS0036 is a fursona of mine and is also my avatar. I use her for most things like an icon because of her bright red colour.  

She originally started out looking very dinosaur like. With a raptor like head shape. The feathers were prominent at this stage.

From there she then gained a more dragon like look which continued to evolve into many different factions and shapes.

 This form for example is much more horse like in overall shape. It was later scrapped.
This then evolved into a more dragon like body, again going back to her raptor like looked when I first envisioned her.
Her head and horns also began to change and grow.
 At this point I had a much more final idea of what her head and body looked like. Though she of course would continue to evolve slowly as time went by.

 Her body, now completely bipedal. She would later lose her wings and animal like body.

 At this stage, she suddenly grows a wider range of expressions. Less animal like and more characteristic. Able to show a range of emotions.

 I decided on her colours, red, black and white. With gold. A limited colour selection but it looked nice. Her horns for a while were red, but changed to black later on in the process.

 Her body had changed completely to an anthropomorphic shape and type. She was slim and built for running around. Her head shape now is pretty finalized.

She also had an affinity now for scarves and hats.

She was partnered up with an male android later on in her own little story which I delighted in writing.

 Her final head shape which I feel strongly about now. This is the look I want her to have. Though, with the fluffy feathers which make her seem much softer and more gentle.

The main thing I want to achieve for BA6 is, while of course also learning Zbrush, but also to get a sense of understanding not just anatomy of an animal like creatures face, but also an insight into making it look less benevolent and cruel- there needs to be a look of intelligence or understanding.

I think this project will be great for me.