Thursday, 24 January 2013

Enemy and background ideas

I didnt really put up a lot of sketches of my work, mostly because most of the Fulloxes were done AS IS and drawn freehand right off the bat. But some were sketches vagualy to get an idea of pose and size and shape. Here are a few of my sketches of them.


But this post really is about the enemy to the Fulloxes, what the Eldars fight agaisnt; Virons. These are like the 'Mother Ships' in Space Quest, hard to kill, have good shooting range and are fast. They will prove the final challenge before a player an claim their Fullox.

Sketches and ideas for them. I am thinking typical wolf like idea, but made original with dinosaur like parts, skeletal sections? Of course they will be as colorful and diverse as Fulloxes as well.

I really like where these are going now. They look very scary. I will hopefully be finsihing up their designs this weekend.

Other things, not accessible characters, but background elements I would like to add; Cloud Eaters.

I will also be doing background ideas as well, though that of course will be more simple. Likely a lineless style to keep it simple.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Some Info on my new Idea

New brief, I am yet to fully finish the draft up of it but I have so much artwork that is just literally piled up in places along the floor that it is time for a super huge post.

MC came and talked to me about my idea, I showed her a handful of my first designs and some of the rudimentary work I had dumped on DA as back ups (so I can't lose them, and also to show my online friends what I was up to). She really seemed to like them, and asked me to post them all up (that is- over 100 different colours and bodies)

My idea was to create cute characters which a player could control and grow through game play. These creatures I named Fulloxes, spirit like animals which are cute but still kind of scary (not huge animeh kawaii desu eyes) with a skull like head. This I think is a good combination and I was keen to progress with them.

However, I found that within a few weeks of posting my cute little Fulloxes, hundreds of people on DA began favouriteing and subscribing to me. I was even pressed into making an online group for my Fulloxes.
 This was all very encouraging and I was amused by it all. 

I however, understod fully the risks, and no sooner did I get 'popular' pushing padt the 400+ subscriber mark, then did people start copying my ideas. A good example here;

Anyway, I did so many designs to show how diverse these creatures are. And how you can have SO MANY different colours.

But first I would like to show where the style came from and how it developed, much different from my usual artwork.

I used photoshop and traditional art mainly, in either very detailed styles or very simple, linless work:

Or stuff like this which just shows off how much I love insane creepy scary things:

Everything evil and terrible and satanic. This is where my art resides a lot;

But I wanted to come away from this, as I wasn't attracting much attention. People thought I was trying to be edgy or scary, when really I was just drawing whatever I wanted or fancied. So, to try my hand at something else I went in a completely different route- using pixilation in my work via the pencil tool on Photoshop.

For years I simple ABOLISHED the pencil tool, such a silly thing that I absolutely hated. But then I sore its potential for whimsicalness drawings and created this for a friend:
As you can see, nothing like my usual works. It was bright, somewhat cute and have a lot of motion to it as well as a full body image. But my friend LOVED it, and so I created this for her a little later based on her pet dog;
A quick simple little image, with a cute little border. Simple, but I feel; extremely effective.

I drew a handful of Fulloxes, about four or five after this and displayed it somewhere on my blog previously, but then never did much more with them.

For this new brief I looked back at my old work, and though I would of liked to sculpt in zbrush, some hideous monster lurching up from the abys; these new ideas just seemed so fresh that I decided to peruse them.

And this is where my obsession started. I began coming up with designs, quickly and simply, but as time went by; I spent the first few weeks basically glued to my computer drawing these critters in every possible way I could imagine to show how diverse they could be. And here they all are. I hope you enjoy!

Fulloxes age in four basic stages (not unlike the levelling up of a Digimon; Rookie, Champion, Ultimate and Mega etc) which I have listed them below.

There is the first stage; A Puffle.
Puffles are what the player begins with; a baby. Tiny, fluffy and utterly adorable. They mearly roll around and eat. They are simple, mostly either black, white or grey. This gives a little bit of an indication of what the character could look like in the later stage; but of course it all depends on what the player makes the Fullox do. Making a Fullox battle a lot by attacking little bugs and not eat much will make them black and skinny. A player that avoids little enemies and feeds their Fullox on lots of food white be more pale and more round. Certain foods will make certain colours appear. So, say eating red berries with cause red spots, white eating blue squiggly banana like fruits will cause blue stripes to appear.

Second Stage; A Puppy.
Puppies are the most well loved form of all. Cute, Robust and more agile. They can jump high and glide back down the the ground. They can run and walk and are great fun. Making the game faster and more exciting. The Fulloxes colours are usually well showing by now based on what the player fed them earlier. So far, the skull like head has no antlers or horns, but this will change as the player continues to the next stage;

Third Stage; An Adult.
The Adult Fulloxes can now fly! But also walk along the ground if needed. They can not go too high up on the game, but are able to very feectivly fly around as the game scrolls along. Now many enemies with appear- ones that can cause real danger and even kill the Fullox. The player must be careful not to be injured a lot before the Fullox can recover. At this point, A fullox may be able (if fed the right things- such as special gems or magical beans or something) to shoot fire, or ice, or smoke to defend themselves more effectivly then simply biting or batting at an enemy with their paws and back hooves.

Fourth Stage; The Eldar
The Eldar are the final stages, the most awesome and powerful. They are now very big! And can no longer go on the ground. But instead fly high up in the sky. Able to fly around 'cloud sharks' and battle extremely powerful enemies. This is the most energetic part of the game, and most rewarding. The Eldar have huge horns and antlers by now and look very cool indeed. There are also 'Bull Eldars' which are the hardest Fulloxes to get, as they take a lot of time in one session and need to have certain events happen.
Other special Fulloxes you may have spotted are the very dark black Fulloxes 'Obsidian' ones and then also the 'Glass' Fulloxes. Kind of like albino. These happen randomly, at a chance of around 1/1000 which makes them extremely hard to get. Obsidians even harder, at 1/10000 chance. Super rare! And look how long and slinky they are. Neato.
At the end, once the player is done, they will get to keep the Eldar Fullox as a character badge which they could show off to their friends on their mobiles or face book pages. Seeing as there are so many different outcomes possible, i would be extremely hard for two kids to have the same one. As such they may get competative and want to play more to make an even cooler Fullox then their friend. Or maybe trade heir Fullox for their friends. All of this could be done pretty simply.

Added an Eldar with some puppies, showing the scale of how big they get. Also it looks cute.

I liked the one above so much I put a bunch of puppies and an adult into one picture with a big pretty Eldar. It makes a lovely display image;

I like the gold look on this one, and realised I could add another feature to the game via this....

I took a while on the next Eldars, ones I call 'Bulls'. Bull Eldars are extremely hard to get, require a lot or ALL the food available and to defeat all the enemies. These are larger and have larger horns with more detail as you can see. Also note the ranking system; Copper, Bronze, Silver and then Gold. These are likely Fulloxes a player has to achieve after having collected enough other Fulloxes (say 10 for copper, 20 for bronze etc). This would be a goal to work towards and again adds competition between Fullox Players.

And then the ULTIMATE Fullox, being there is only one of them;
His long slinking skinny body is original and not be done again. I really think he is cool and desirable to players.

I also had this idea to do CYBORG Fulloxes, an extra for players who did very well and collected certain items. These Fulloxes had robotic parts on them which are extremely hard to find and collect in the game. Having enough would mean your Fullox would become a robotic creature. This idea is pretty neat too, however I haven't really looked into it too hard. May be a dead end, I much preferred the rank system above, but it was a cool idea at the time.

Scale diagram