Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Maya Door Work

Shh I didn't just update this post every time I had something new, shh nope.
I wont do that again, but it was good for this seeing as Blogger updated their design and the way I post stuff.

Perspective drawings. First done at start of term.

More ideas. Of course I settle with my new design based on a Portal 2/ Wall-E theme. C:
Door stuff and short cuts for Maya (yeah I need to write them all out in VERY simple english or I just forget it all it seems)

My doors views. Cool stuff. I changed it a whole bunch now. 
Also here are the views directly from maya;

So here is my progress. I first start with basic chunks and just slap them together with my basic hand flippers like a child. I know the door roughly and just work away at it all and the side parts. I use mostly Booleons to do my work, though I know this is bad, I dont really know how else to get stuff done and still look good.

I shape the door up nicer. And a random cube there because he wants to be there.
All finished the shapes. Yay.
Panel bit done. All done. Just need to tidy it up and make it efficient by makign everything into quads and tris.
Then I can start adding my textures! :'D Here are some doodles for that-->

So here are first doodle ideas for the texture on my door. I knew i wanted to show where Darkie had drawn on it, but wasn't too sure about the design. 

 Blood gore that goes on the floor. Its.. lovely. Dried blood from a while back from a injury on my arm, I put it to good use still.
 Final ideas for textures C: and the colour crayon drawings to add on the door.

Kevin told me just to leave it as is and add textures? Ok then. . I do this :O
I apply my first texture yay. With the little drawing I did C:

Door design texture all done, though without text?
I added the graphics inspired by the pulsing lines in EVEs arm to the door and also add the vents and the dividing lines. Door also has number on it embossed in.
Oh my, the door is open. Its so sciency. Also notice the floor with the gunk all on it.
Texture on the side brackets. :3
Close ups yep.

I have now made the lights glow and the over head light shine red using the basic tools on the left. I dont know much else to do so...

I had some horrible problems with Maya on friday when I was finishing up. I have been able to get my swing camera for the render to work great, but then maya crashed and killed itself COMPLETELY. Everyone was confused because Maya would not even start up again.
Happily Mark moved me to a new computer and fixed it up, but by then I had to go home. Here is the last texture I added. Its very detailed -->
Those are the same buttons used in the Wall-E film. I am really pleased I got to put them into the design. Sexy buttons.

Here they are put into the file from this morning just before rendering with Kevin. Yaayy
And now it is rendering  and then I am all done. Yay.

It glowsss~

I really dont get on with Maya and I do not look forward to more adventures with it, Silo, Mudbox, Zbrush can all be my friends tho.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Pesona Stuff

Heres some work in progress for the new project. Persona stuff. C:


Elizabeth Vilaman
EL-iz-A-beth VIL-a-man

When she was 23 a malfunctioning android she was working on attacked her and in its deranged state; mauled and tore at her with its hands. It tore off her legs up to her upper thighs, pulled out three lower ribs on her left side, broke her pelvis and snapped off the left ridge of her pelvic Ilium as well as damaging a large amount of her intestinal tract.

The machine would surely have killed her if not for Alan and Maricks intervening. She had lost a lot of blood but survived and awoke six days later with little fuss. Her friends and family were horrified at how much of her body was gone but she however was mostly grateful for being alive and ‘keeping her pretty face’ as she would joke.
She was left with a lot of scaring up her back and sides as well as the loss of her legs. However she was easily able to get the hang of the advanced robotic replacements which she herself had designed to be exact copies of her original organic ones. When wearing them the only hint that they are not in fact her own is the thin silvery line wiggling round both her thighs where her real flesh starts. However she often wears extremely long striped socks to cover this up anyway. The legs are powered by her own body and though complex compression charges which activate as she walks or runs and although need manual fixing when damaged (as they can’t heal themselves), require no other outside input.
However, as she grew older she became fascinated with giving herself different legs. After working on a large extinct carnivorous birds legs, she attached them to herself for a laugh with her colleagues but found using them to be extremely fun and although needed extra power, were well worth researching and modifying to better suit her.
One thing led to another and now Elizabeth has a library of strange like legs she attaches to herself as well as strange animal bodies. She can sometimes be found literally trotting about with a robotic horses body or stalking around with the body of a utahraptor. All these animal parts have no synthetic skin attached to them and all have to have internal power sources imbedded as they take far more energy to power then her natural body can provide.

Other work for that story. Darkie (antagonist) in his three most defined 'bodies'.
Darkie is, or was, a Auto Pilot Android until madness and evil stepped in. WHOOPS

Lods of work on getting his face just right. HES SUCH A PRETTY BOI <3 bb <3

 And the unicorn demon who doesnt actually make an appearance because of reasons.
Sir Not appearing in the story.

Oh OH and DOORS and WINDOWS for mark C:

I will be finalising these and then creating them in maya for the new project yep yep.
Good. I will update with more work i did over holidays very soon <3

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Demons, Monsters and Myths.

Wow its been a bit of a while. I have been miserable as sin, surprising. Bawwhh But I did lods of work and I am pleased.
I am excited for Helen McCarthy's project. It should be lods of fun and finally a chance for me to be imaginative and stuff on something.

Briefing for that was like this:
"To create a character, based on yourself. The character can explore aspects of yourself that you would like to
have or be, or perhaps exaggerate things about you or even fantasy elements.
Produce a series of drawings/ sketches/a back story/ fully rendered images of the character.
You can also work in 3D - either digitally or model-making. Remember, Helen also suggested you could cos-play your character!"
Yep. As for cosplaying all I would need is a long lab coat and the clothes I already have, as I desinged my char basically on me exactly hahaha. Yay so this sounds fun c:

So I will be really working on this now, I plan to pull this work into the Enwrought story I have been doing, and adding way more scary and weird aspects (as its getting towards the end of the story now). This is why I have been looking into demons of medieval times. The depictions of demons, monsters, Satan and such are all very spooky and erry and just perfect for what I am looking for. Here is just a massive spam of work now for that.

The demon comes to man and woman. It has a beasts face and the body of man, wings and tail of a dragon, horns of a bull, and the feet and hands of a taloned bird.

The demon resists the power of their holy weapons and throws them down, teaching them evil.

It teases and mocks.

Before being shown the word of God in that of books.

And is then swatted away with sticks. The demon now leaves.

Dragon like demons.

Demon with wings and tail of a dragon, feet and hands of a taloned bird, breasts of a woman and a beasts face with bulls horns.

This demon is very common.

Here it is again. Always with bird and dragon features.

Demon with breasts, dragon wings and tail, bird feet and beasts face with bull horns. Also calling upon lesser dragon like demons.
Demon dragon violating a woman.

Again the weird same demon we keep seeing, dragons tail, face of a beast with bulls horns, bird feet and hands. However this one has the body of a man (not the body of a woman with breasts).

This one here is really weird. The body of a woman with breasts, the face of a beast, the horns of a bull but now the back end of a fish.

The same demon again, face of a beast, horns of a bull, feet and hands of a bird and the tail and wings of a dragon. And I think this one has a mans body.

Can you see a theme here? This one had a womans body and a crown. Bathed in flame.

Here are the sins drawn out. Monsterous demons.

Bird like dragon demon fighting a vision of Thor.

Serpent demon.

The triple headed demon beast that called fire down from heaven and water up from the sea.
The Unicorn is not actually always depicted as a wonderful all pure creature. It is often shown as a evil demon beast.
Here we see a unicorn appearing to a virgin girl, not because he is just saying hi, but because he wants to rape her.
And here a young man saves a virgin girl from being raped by a young boy who spears the beast in its side.
Its body is that of a
The duke of hell 'Amudusias' Had the head of a unicorn. He was not a nice guy.
A demon cast up from a nightmare. Note the weird chicken limbs.

A large painting based on that original image.

Skull demon.

The demon god of hell, who has more arms then he would really need.
Here at last, my fav picture. The same demon again, with the face of a beast, the wings and tail of a dragon, the feet and hands of a taloned bird, the horns of a bull and the body of a woman with breasts.

Why does this same demon seem to happen again and again throughout these images? It seems extremely common. I know it is likely that artists simply copied each others ideas of what a demon looked like, but I would like to think that there may be some strange twisted truth in what they could of seen. That seems very spooky indeed.