Thursday, 2 May 2013

Specialism Sculpting Process and Completion.

This is the first attempt I made at making my sculpt. All of this is from a basic sphere. of course this one looks very little like her and of course I started again. however at this stage I decided to try out adding a scaled texture. After playing around with certain reliefs, I found that while these were very fast- the scales looked too stamp like. Instead I decided to opt to creating each scale by hand to have it interact with the flesh of her face effectively.

On my second attempt I made her face far more realistic with an understandable skull shape. Her nose is much better and longer as it should be however her overall look from the front was not effective at all. Her eyes were large, but the brows were too heavy and the bump on her muzzle did not stand out enough to the side.

This is my third and final attempt which looks in my mind, perfectly how LS0036 should be represented. With a soft looking face but with nice big sweepings for her eyes. Which, while her eyes are quite small- are protected by the boney socket giving her the ability to head but things and dig around through trash without as much risk to her delicate eye flesh.

The spikes on her brows presented the next problem as I knew pulling the mesh out would break it when pulling it to a point. Using the snake hook tool I was able to get her spikes to pop out just as I wanted.
Using this tool I also fixed some of the broken geometry on her chin spike.
I then created (after finishing off her scales and neck details) her second mesh with Zspheres to create her horns, spikes teeth and jaw tendrils. I also inserted her eyes.

After this I then began sculpting on the new mesh. all these elements were smooth and sleek and did not need all the detail of scales.

Here she is now in her final stage. Her tendrils and horns all arranged and set in place.
I am very pleased with her progression and her final sculpt.
 Here she is now given proper texture on her spikes and also signed. She is complete and I feel the texture detail fully shows. I have learned a lot for this project and I am very happy about how it all went with me achieving pretty much everything I wanted.

CS Can Games Change the World?

Can games change the world?

> Why?

> How much has TV changed the world? Or Mobile Phones? How much has the internet changed the world?

Can anything change the world anymore? Philosphy on ‘changing’ the world, the world being not just us rich people but also the very poor. Places like India, Africa- or places in turmoil; Korea, Iraq etc. Has any technological influence been had on them?

Are we just talking about electronic games we are used to and that we envisage when we say games. Or does that means games as in any games, from as basic as playing tag in a field or on a street with other kids.

What good can games do?



Socially? But-

What bad can they do?

Making people socially inept, facing screens and not people. I am a horrible example of this because my gf is online. People dying from addictions to games. People having severe problems. 
Does it cause violence?